Fadhila Cottages, Togian Dive Resort, Sulawesi Fadhila Cottages
an enchanting family-run hotel & dive resort at the heart of the Togean islands
  The bungalows are on an island just in front of the village of Katupat, with ferry connections
from Gorontalo and Ampana. it's quite easy to go there.

Once in Katupat, people will take you to the hotel (a 5 minutes boat ride).

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Ferry schedules from and to Togean Islands

This is the march 2014 edition. Clic to enlarge the picture.

Gorontalo <--> Togean Islands

There are two weekly connections from Gorontalo to the Togeans, via the village named Wakaï.
The boat (called "KM Tuna Tomini") is a modern steel ferryboat, with confortable cabins and aircraft type seats.

• Gorontalo to Wakaï: every Tuesday & Friday, depart at 17:00, arriving at 6:00.
Once in Wakaï, it takes one hour or so to go to Fadhila Cottages with a small boat. The trip is really lovely.
Fadhila Cottages says it will pay for your transport from Wakaï if you stay 5 nights or more.
It should be very easy to find a boat. But if you need assistance, call Dadang. Tel: +62 852 4100 3685

• Wakaï to Gorontalo: every Monday & Thursday, depart at 16:00, arriving early in the morning.

There used to be a traditionnal wooden boat leaving Gorontalo on Wednesday, but it's no more on service.

  How do I go to Gorontalo?
• You can fly from Jakarta, Makasar and Manado to Gorontalo.
• Or you can take a group taxi. They are modern cars, where you can buy a seat, or rent the whole vehicle with the driver. It takes about seven hours from Manado to Gorontalo. It's a pleasant trip: the road is very good, with beautiful landscapes.
Ask your hotel in Manado: they'll tell you where to find a group taxi (called "kijang")
• Don't take a bus. They are slow and dirty.
  Where do I sleep in Gorontalo?
• Few tourists stay in Gorontalo. They take the ferry right off the taxi or the plane (or opposite). It's possible to do it, but it's a challenging option. Besides, Gorontalo makes a pleasant stopover.
• The Melati hotel accommodates most of the tourists who stay in Gorontalo. The hotel is comfortable and quiet. The owner, Mr Alex, is rather directing and concerned by the well being of his guests.

Ampana <--> Togean Islands

• Every day except Friday, a public boat leaves Ampana (depart at 10:00) to the Togean Island (6 hours cruise).
It goes to Katupat, just in front Fadhila Cottages.

• O, the way back, Katupat to Ampana, there is also a public boat every day, except Friday.
Depart at 07:30, arriving in Ampana at 15:00 or so.

• Private boats also link Ampana to anywhere in the Togean islands.
For instance, we made the Ampana-Kadidiri trip in a speed boat belonging to Kadidiri Paradise Hotel which came to Ampana for some shopping...


KM Tuna Tomin  
  Where do I sleep in Ampana?
• Ampana is quite a small town which can deserve one day of your holidays.
• In the center of Ampana, is the Oasis hotel, next to the market and the Togean islands boarding pier. The Oasis hotel looks very good. Rooms are around a garden. It's quiet and pretty, and there is a restaurant overlooking the bay.
However, you should know that this hotel belongs to the same owner as the Kadidiri Paradise. So you may really be incited to go to this place...
Fadhila Cottages, Togian Dive Resort, Sulawesi Fadhila Cottages